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Marathi Actors Sunil Tawade and Sayali Deodhar launched our new products 'Mustard Sauce' & 'Barbecue Sauce'

Events and Promotion

India lovingly welcomes Hazella Choco Spread This year marked the launch of our new product range in the Indian processed food domain. The first one to go was Hazella Choco Spread which received a wonderful welcome from the consumers. Bang on time for Barbecue Sauce Launch There could not be a better time to introduce SIL Barbecue Sauce to our Indian patrons. The overwhelming response that we received from the consumers said it all. SIL Mustard Sauce enters the Indian Market Following the success of Barbecue sauce, the next product to roll out in the market was Mustard Sauce. So far, the market feedback for our mustard sauce has been quite encouraging.