Company Overview

SIL Food is a 100% subsidiary of Denmark based 'OC Danmark Holding A/s'. In March 2008, Sil Food acquired the SIL range from Marico in order to tap the Indian processed foods sector.

SIL, essentially is one of the most celebrated names in fruit preserves and food processing domain in India. Founded in 1951, SIL has been a leading player in fresh jams, sauces, ketchups, dressing and canned foods category. Exceptional products adorned with distinctive range has been its signature identity over the years. Exceptional commitment to quality and variety has garnered a steady patronage for brand SIL.

After acquisition by Marico, SIL continues to introduce innovative products in the market. Its strong distribution network further ensures easy availability of these products across the country. SIL is determined to maintain its momentum of delivering well-researched, curated, finest quality products to its consumers.

Tradition Of Taste
Culture Of Quality


Mr. Rustamji, a Parsi food technologist commenced the SIL journey under the name - James Smith & Co. The company set out as a processed fruit and continental food brand with a variety of foods in cans and bottles. Even during its early days SIL had around 60 products under this brand. Then in the late 60's it was acquired by ‘Rallis India Ltd.’ Rallis however, decided to continue with the same name, brand and location i.e. Cotton Green, Mumbai.
Mr. Jeroo Mango from Mumbai and Mr. Vakil from Pune purchased SIL in partnership under the same name ‘James Smith & Co.’ and soon operations were shifted from Cotton Green, Mumbai to Khalad village, Saswad near Pune.
Manufacturing activity commenced at Saswad.
SIL was purchased by ‘Bombay Oil Industries’. The company name ‘James Smith & Co.’ was changed to ‘Kanmoor Foods Ltd.’ but the brand name and location remained the same.
‘Marico Industries Ltd.’ took marketing of SIL from Kanmoor Foods.
‘SIL’ manufacturing activity was also taken over by Marico Industries.
SIL Food India Pvt. Ltd., a Danish subsidiary of OC Danmark Holding A/S acquired SIL from Marico Industries.

Presently, SIL is the second-most leading brand in the Jams category and a leading player in all its other processed food segments. Popular for "Lip-Smakin' Goodness" SIL has a wide range of products such as Jams, Sauces, Ketchups, Baked Beans, Sweet Corn Soup and Mayonnaise.